Flashes & Floaters

Flashes and floaters are small discrepancies in your vision. These can be small specks in your line of sight, spots in your vision, or random flashes of light. Most of the time, these instances are not a huge cause for concern. For example, a migraine headache may be the cause of the flashes.

Flashes are caused by a pulling of the vitreous gel of the eye on the retina. Also referred to as “seeing stars”, flashes give the same sense of small lightning flashes in the line of vision.

Floaters are a little different. These objects look like they are in front of you, but they are actually the shadows of object floating inside of your eye. These objects cast shadows on your retina, and can appear as different shapes, from dots, to lines, or even cobwebs.

Both cases become more common with age, as the vitreous gel morphs over time. There are some instances, however, when flashes and floaters may be connected to more serious eye problems, such as total retinal detachment. When this occurs, bleeding will be present, and will cause a new set of floaters. These instances require immediate medical attention to prevent total loss of vision.

One of the most common ways to be rid of floaters and prevent further damage is to undergo a laser surgery to seal the retinal tears.

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