DURYSTA™ Implant

DURYSTA™ is the first and only FDA-approved implant that specifically targets open-angle glaucoma and high eye pressure. Referred to as intraocular pressure (IOP) or ocular hypertension, the pressure within the eye can cause damage to the optic nerve and, over time, may lead to glaucoma and permanent vision loss.

DURYSTA™ is a tiny, dissolvable implant that consistently delivers medicine to reduce eye pressure. Southwest Eyecare doctors will place the tiny, dissolvable implant directly into your eye, and over the course of several months, it will release medicine that lowers eye pressure, and therefore, preserves your vision!

Southwest Eyecare has the most experience of any practice in New Mexico for the DURYSTA™ implant. Trust the team that continually stays at the forefront of new treatments and reach out to us today to discover if DURYSTA™ is right for you.

Dr. Downes - Durysta Implant

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