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We’re a full-service eye care practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico offering a complete range of medical, surgical, and refractive services. Our team is committed to individualized care for all of our patients in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico and believe that it’s a privilege to serve your eye care needs.

Commitment to
Customer Service

We utilize the most advanced technology to accurately diagnose and treat routine and medical eye conditions. It is our intent to grow and nurture lasting professional relationships with our patients. We recently received a Meritorious Administration Award from the Corcoran Consulting Group, honoring our long-term dedication to patient care and customer service.

Diverse Eyewear Solutions

Our on-site optical department, Southwest Eyewear, offers a variety of distinctive and designer frames. One of our opticians will help you choose the perfect lens design and frame to fit your look, budget, lifestyle and visual needs. You’ll truly see a difference at Southwest Eyewear!

We’re Now Offering Bladeless Cataract Surgery

With our ongoing mission here at Southwest Eyecare to bring you state-of-the-art surgical technology and services we are proud to now provide Bladeless Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery to New Mexicans. It is designed to bring a new level of accuracy to cataract surgery. It also improves your outcomes in visual recovery.

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We Take Safety Serious

Dr. Sanchez recently received the COVID-19 Vaccine!

Albuquerque Lasik Experts

A lack of visual acuity can severely impact your life. If you’re exhausted from years of wearing glasses or contact lenses, you might be eligible for a vision correction procedure such as LASIK, PRK or no-stitch cataract surgery. In a complimentary consultation, one of our board-certified ophthalmologists will give you a complete overview of your options for better sight.

Eye Injury

The eye is a critical and complex organ. Accidents can occur, and physical or chemical injury to the eye can be a serious threat to vision if not treated appropriately and in a timely fashion. If you experience any of the following, seek medical attention immediately: sudden loss of vision, chemicals in one or both eyes, severe eye pain or marked redness, or severe impact to the eye.

See the difference with Southwest Eyecare

As a surgeon, my vision is the most critical sense that I use in the operating room. In many cases one millimeter will make the difference in a patient’s outcome. Dr. Teahan’s exceptional skill, attention to detail, and caring, knowledgeable staff were paramount in my decision to have LASIK. With any procedure, I would expect a patient to choose a surgeon with proficiency, experience, and of utmost importance, the capability to correct a complication, should it occur.
Dr. Teahan exemplifies all of these characteristics and I recommend him as the LASIK surgeon of choice in New Mexico.

Ronald Escudero – Otolaryngologist, Facial Plastic Surgeon

Before having LASIK surgery, my wife and I researched different surgeons in the area. We were extremely impressed with Dr. Teahan’s experience and qualifications. The deciding factor was that Dr. Teahan met directly with us and spent an extended amount of time answering all of our questions. Since our surgeries, my wife and I have recommended Dr. Teahan to numerous family members, friends, and colleagues.

In following up with these referrals, I have discovered that my experience with Dr. Teahan was not unique, but that everyone was extraordinarily impressed with him. If you are interested in a “hands on” surgeon and truly professional care, then I would strongly recommend Dr. Teahan.

Victor Valdez – Metropolitan Court Judge

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