Revolutionizing Cataract Surgery with ORA Technology

The team at Southwest Eyecare (SWEC) is pleased to offer the new Optiwave Refractive Analysis system (ORA) at the Physician’s Surgery Center of Albuquerque (PSCA).  It is one of the most advanced technologies to help patients achieve the best possible results and can maximize the potential for vision improvement after cataract surgery. This effective technology allows our eye surgeons to customize your vision more precisely than ever before.  

ORA is used to provide real-time measurements during cataract surgery. This technology optimizes intraoperative wavefront data to calculate intraocular lens (IOL) power and guide traditional or premium IOL selection.

The ORA System enables the opportunity for better cataract surgery outcomes and greater patient satisfaction. Before ORA, measurements to determine your IOL power, and ensure that it will give you proper vision correction after surgery, could only be taken before the cataract was removed and the natural lens replaced.

This left a margin of error – the cataract surgeon would need to wait several weeks in order to assess the effectiveness of the IOL and to know whether the best type of IOL was selected.

ORA reduces the uncertainty and gives our eye surgeons the ability to verify the proper selection of implants during the cataract surgery procedure. With ORA’s intraoperative aberrometer technology, our cataract surgeons measure your eye without having to wait or make adjustments weeks after surgery.

ORA is ideally suited for:  

  • Patients who have had previous RK, LASIK or PRK. 
  • Patients choosing a Toric or Multifocal IOL
  • Patients who want customized precision and an improved, more accurate visual outcome

    ORA System Benefits: 

    • Allows the surgeons at PSCA to potentially improve the quality of your vision during your cataract procedure. 
    • Improved accuracy with real-time measurements of your visual path. 
    • Clinically proven to increase accuracy of calculations providing better visual outcomes. 
    • Reduces potential for future desired laser enhancements.
    Compared to traditional cataract procedures, ORA-guided cataract surgery is proven to significantly improve accuracy of IOL selection for your cataract procedure. 

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