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Cataract Care

Southwest Eyecare offers a variety of surgical options to treat cataracts. If you’re ready to enhance your vision, we invite you to reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

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Glaucoma Care

Upon visiting with one of our eye doctors, we’ll discuss your glaucoma treatment options with you to help determine which is right for you and your situation, whether it be through eye drops, medication, or glaucoma surgery.

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Cornea Care

Determining if a patient has any corneal conditions is typically part of every eye examination. Some conditions can be cured with eye drops or medication, but others may require more extensive treatments

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Dry Eye Care

There are several treatments for dry eyes, such as over-the-counter artificial tear eyedrops, plugging your tear ducts to reduce tear loss, or covering your eyes with special contact lenses, or unblocking the blocked oil glands.

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Lasik / PRK

LASIK is a procedure that uses laser light to permanently reshape the cornea – the “window” – of the eye. We welcome you to schedule an appointment to come in and see if LASIK right for you!

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Our on-site optical department, Southwest Eyewear, offers a variety of frames. Come in and choose the perfect lens design and frame to fit your look, budget, lifestyle and visual needs.

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RLE is a surgical procedure in which the natural lens of the eye is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. RLE is also commonly performed on patients who are not good candidates for laser vision correction.

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