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Southwest Eye Care has been Albuquerque’s leading LASIK specialists for over 20 years. This dedication to excellence means that when you come to Southwest Eye Care, you will get the best eye care imaginable. Our highly experienced and intelligent team of doctors and staff can handle any of your optical needs. Schedule your appointment today!

Our Experience

Providing LASIK services for over twenty years, our doctors have been performing operations since the procedure was first approved by the FDA in the 1990s. It is this experience that will ensure that you will get the kind of care that only comes with such an accomplished staff.

Our Process

If you are thinking about getting LASIK, our team of doctors and staff can guide you through the process from start to finish. After scheduling an appointment with one of our helpful staff members, one of our doctors will examine your eye to find out if you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery. Following the scheduling of your surgery, the procedure itself only takes a few minutes, and your time in the office should only take about an hour, overall. We accept most insurance plans, and even offer CareCredit payment plans for extended payment. For more information, make sure to look at out FAQs page, or call us today!

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Our doctors are always willing and able to meet with you for your vision needs. Call or fill out an online appointment so we can get you into our office as soon as possible!

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About ASA

Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA), a progressive form of Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK), is a laser vision correction surgery used to reshape the eye and enhance a patient’s vision. Unlike LASIK, a flap in the eye does not need to be created, and instead, ASA uses excimer lasers to treat the surface of the cornea. By reshaping the surface of the cornea, a patient’s vision can be corrected to their specific prescription. Risks associated with ASA are little compared to LASIK, as no flap is created. The result is a strengthened, resurfaced cornea and a gradual improvement of overall vision


LASIK is a procedure which uses laser light to permanently reshape the cornea – the “window” – of the eye. This is done to improve the focus of light on the retina of the eye and can relieve problems such as near and far-sightedness. Using computer-guided precision, our Excimer Laser vaporizes the cells, leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged and the eye in perfect working order. For most people, this removes the need for glasses or contacts, altogether. Although it may not be fit for everyone, we welcome you to schedule an appointment to come in and see if LASIK right for you!

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