Farsightedness & Nearsightedness

Farsighted patients can focus on more distant objects, but not images that are close at hand. Those with hyperopia tend to notice their condition when they have trouble reading or seeing close objects. Most seem to have to hold their reading material at a distance in order to see it clearly.

Farsightedness may also cause problems when trying to complete daily tasks, depending on the degree of the condition. Hyperopia is caused by a refractor error in the eye, that occurs when the cornea is too curved or the eye is shorter than normal.

If you’re nearsighted, you can see clear images of near objects but things far away are blurry. Unlike hyperopia, which is usually present from birth or a very young age, myopia can occur gradually and become worse over time. Most people notice their nearsightedness when trying to read objects at a distance, such a wall clocks or traffic signs, and having to squint to get a better view. Myopia is also caused by a refractor error, in which the cornea is curved to steeply, or the eye is longer than usual.

Both hyperopia and myopia can be treated with several laser and non-laser surgical treatments, as well as non-surgical treatment options like glasses and contact lenses.

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