There are several types of astigmatism, including myopic, hyperopic, mixed, regular, and irregular. In all cases, astigmatism makes it difficult to see fine details, either close-up or from a distance. Those with this condition are also prone to headaches and eyestrain, as well.

Similar to nearsightedness and farsightedness, astigmatism is caused by a refractive error in the cornea. Myopic astigmatism occurs when one or both of the eyes are nearsighted, to varying degrees. Hyperopic is when one or both of the eyes is farsighted. Mixed astigmatism is present when one of the eyes is farsighted and the other is nearsighted.

Astigmatism can happen in one of two ways. The more common is regular astigmatism, which happens naturally and can get worse over time. Irregular astigmatism is typically caused by an eye injury that results in scarring on the cornea.

Currently, laser surgery can treat both regular and mixed astigmatism. Recent advances in technology now allow for the therapeutic treatment of induced irregular astigmatism, and this application may be expanded to include all types of irregular astigmatism. Patients with astigmatism should discuss their options with their eye care specialist.

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