Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eyes are an uncomfortable condition that may cause your eyes to constantly sting or burn. Due to a lack of tear production by the eye, your eyes may dry out more easily than others’. Certain situations may bring on your eye dryness, including air-conditioning or looking at a computer screen.

Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) is common in New Mexico due to our desert climate, but environment is only one cause of the condition. Others causes include lack of sufficient tear production, hormonal changes, or even a side effect of medications. Those who have had laser eye surgery also tend to have dry eye issues. Symptoms commonly experienced include eye fatigue, light sensitivity, difficulty with contact lenses, stinging, burning, and scratchy sensations. Stringy mucus in or around the eye, as well as blurred vision are also common.

In most cases, over the counter artificial tear eyedrops are the simplest solution for their dry eye problem. Other treatment options include plugging your tear ducts to reduce tear loss, covering your eyes with special contact lenses, or even unblocking the blocked oil glands.

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